About us

Pearls Ocean prides itself in being one of the top language translation service providers, not just within India but in several countries across the globe. Our strong focus on delivering high-quality projects at 100% accuracy rate within stipulated deadlines has helped us carve a niche in this industry.

Our backbone

Under the constant guidance and supervision of our esteemed directors, we have been able to achieve several milestones so far. Backed by 15 years of strong professional experience in language translation and interpretation services, our directors are the backbone of our business model. Their timely and valuable feedback helps us constantly strive for more and better.

What we deliver

Our team of professionals is expert in translating all kinds of documents into more than 200 languages. The translators can provide both manual translations (done by themselves)and that done with the help of software tools. However, we essentially aim at delivering projects with human translation to ensure utmost accuracy and client satisfaction.

Our experts are proficient in numerous local, national and international languages to serve a wide range of clientele from different parts of the world.

Keeping your documents in safe hands

You can comfortably hand over your valuable business documents to us for translation or transcription and be rest assured about the safety of your records. We guarantee 100% data security and privacy to our clients, along with assuring them full value for their precious time, money and reputation in the market.

Safeguarding your market image

We at Pearls Ocean understand that it takes years to build an image but just one single mistake to tar it. We also understand that project translation requires careful attention to ensure that the essence of the original document is not lost somewhere in between. Our team is highly trained in the art of expression through the means of language.

While translating a document from one language to another, our proficient translators make sure that the converted document conveys the exact intended meaning of the original source, while also touching people through creative forms of expression. For this, immense hard work, a passion to deliver, and a positive attitude towards work is needed, which our experts are best at giving.

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