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Desktop publishing is also called DTP. This service is used to create a documents page layout with the combination of text and graphics. In DTP with the help of software we provide a frame to the pages where you can easily put your graphic and text in any position you required, this is a process prior printing. DTP service is using widely by the professionals for promoting their business nationally and internationally.

DTP language translation is not just translating one language to another, it required a high monitor on the page layout while doing any change in the text, font and color, because while doing translation text length, font, color and pattern may vary according to the targeted language. For example converting language English to Dutch, English word ‘Redo’ in Dutch we translate and get ‘Opnieuw doen’, here you can see the length of the text has been increased double. So, we have to take care all these type of problems that the layout of the page does not get disturbed it can be placed accordingly, same matter with the font, size and color. If we do care of all this things than language adaption rate has been increased automatically, and which result in high selling of products and services.

Peals Ocean giving you a service of DTP with assurance of quality work delivers. We have smart, intelligent, hard working and up to dated experienced professionals in-house DTP team, who dedicatedly working in your project with the quality work delivery in the given time frame.

We have wide range of software and format used in DTP, listed below:

1. Adobe PageMaker

2. Adobe Illustrator CS2/CS3

3. Adobe InDesign CS2/CS3

4. Adobe Photoshop

5. Quark Xpress

6. CorelDraw

7. Freehand

8. Dreamweaver files

9. PHP

10. ASP

11. RTF

12. HTML

13. Microsoft Office (1997/ 2000/ 2003/ 2007/ 2013 documents)

14. Page Plus

15. Corel Ventura

16. XML (Generic)

17. Microsoft, Visio(.VDX)


19. OpenOffice

20. RTF


22. FrameMaker(.MIF)

23. Java Properties Files, DocBook, SDF

24. .OP/.POT

25. .ASPX

26. SVG

27. .YAML

28. .TXT

29. TPL

30. ResX

31. DWF

32. DXF

33. PDF


35. DITA

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