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What is DTP?

The popular acronym for Desktop Publishing, DTP services are an essential need in every industry today to create publications for large or small-scale distribution. This service enables one to create documents by using software related to page layout. These documents may include pamphlets, catalogues, brochures, user manuals, and company newsletters.

How does it Work?

The page layout for each document can be done using a perfect combination of text and graphics. This is made possible through the help of software that enables you to provide a frame to the pages, wherein graphics and text can easily be placed in any desired position. DTP is generally carried out just before the final printing stage and therefore demands extreme attention to ensure that everything is in order as per client needs.

Required in Translation Too

For most people, DTP and translation services are independent of each other. But the fact is they aren’t. The former is largely used in language translation work. This is because, during the translation of a document, certain short words in the source language may become longer when translated into the desired language.

Pearls Ocean Can Help

We are here to keep a check on the page layout design to ensure that the text length, font, and colour are retained during translation. We know that it’d really help the page designer if any alterations in the content do not disturb the placement of text/graphics on the page. Our DTP services are therefore, high-quality and easy on the pocket too.

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