What Does Interpretation Mean?

In simple words, it refers to the act of explaining something in your own way, preferably in a different language, to someone who’s unable to comprehend. By interpreting the same information in the targeted language, you tend to simplify it for the other person to ensure that you both are on the same page.

How Can Interpretation Service Help Your Business?

A business service provider may be required to attend various types of conferences and seminars. It may not always be necessary that you’re comfortable in the language of communication. Therefore, keeping an interpreter handy comes of great use –a person who can translate and interpret the speech into your preferred language.

Additionally, interpretation services may be needed to better serve the market you operate in by helping you understand the local language of your audience. In fact, professional interpreters are in great demand today at a number of industries like medical, banking, insurance, customer service, tourism, telecom, education, legal, and the government sector.

Why Choose Pearls Ocean?

We pride in introducing ourselves as thorough professionals when it comes to translation and interpretation services. Here’s a cursory glance at what we can offer to you at the most competitive market rates:

  • Onsite Interpretation – This would involve delivering both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation services, especially in large gatherings like courtrooms, conferences, and seminars. Consecutive interpreting means listening to the message in the source language and interpreting it in the target language for the client soon after the speaker has finished.
  • Meanwhile, simultaneous interpretation takes place alongside the source language message. The audience is able to hear the message in the target language through their earphones while the speaker is still going on with the message continuously.
  • Phone Interpretation – While most clients like to go for in-person interpretation services for reasons of accuracy in understanding, telephonic interpretations are also gaining demand. A live human interpreter can be connected via phone, who would then interpret the message consecutively, meaning wait for the speaker to finish and then convert the message into the client’s language.
  • Video Remote Interpretation – VRIs work best for those clients who find it hard to afford an on-site interpreter. The method is simple and convenient, particularly since it uses technology for efficient communication without the need for physical human presence.

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