Service benefit: Can Read Text In Targeted Language If Video’s Audio Language Is Not Understandable

Subtitles are texts written at the bottom of any video for text visuals of any dialogues. Subtitles are written for resolving problem of deaf, hearing impairment, language problem etc. People who are deaf or having of problem in hearing they can see the videos but unable to understand the dialogues, same people are use to with their own native country language but not able to understand the language of other country, For dealing with this issue we do subtitling and make them understand whole video obstacle free. With the help of this people can easily follow the dialogues of the video and react accordingly.

Subtitles are not only done at the bottom of the video but also done at the top of the video if at below text is already written.

It is not just translating the video dialogue in text but also make them supportive to the image and audio, with determine time and space. It also carries a technical part which is locating a subtitle. The translators have to calculate the moment in which subtitles appear and disappear on the screen, so that the subtitles are synchronized with the audio and make the video and text meaning full.

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We have 10 subtitle makers tools, listed below:

1. Subtitle Edit

2. VisualSubSync

3. Subtitle Workshop

4. SubtitleCreator

5. Aegisub Advanced Subtitle Editor

6. DivXLand Media Subtitler

7. WinSubMux

8. Subtitle Editor

9. AHD Subtitles Maker

10. SubEdit Player

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