Service Benefit: Expert In Converting Audio And Video File In Text Format To The Targeted Language

The first question arise in the mind is, what is transcription and why we required it? The simple answer is transcription in linguistic term the systematic method of converting audio and video file into text format in targeted language. And it is required for business, political, legal, medical purposes and etc.

Transcription is the permanent solution for keeping permanent records of the audio and video files. Because audio and video have their own disadvantages, it can be lost any time due to file may corrupt or other reasons but written words can’t be lost it will remain in the file for a lifelong. Business person or legal or in any matter is the best source of record keeping.

A business man come in the market with the aim of promoting their business all over the world, and try to generate a good turnover, doesn’t matter if it is from national or international market. He keep doing conferencing and taking the help of audios and videos to promote their business. In this context he needs a language transcription, through this he can easily approach and reach any market. It removes the language barrier, in language transcription we can covert any audio and video into text format in targeted language.

But not only for promoting businesses but also transcription is needed to maintain records all conferencing, audios, videos etc in the text format for the future references. Because is difficult to listen such a long audio and video of any meetings, it is a time taking process. But yes reading is easily and possible, no fear of corrupt file or compatible issue. Written is the best way to keep record may be in hard copy or in soft copy.

In the legal matter or in any medical terms listening audios and video is very poor idea, because important part may lost due inaudible audios and videos its better to take the help of transcriptor who are experienced enough to translate the audios and videos into text with exact meaning. Due to this, record can keep for life long for future consultation and also save time.

Pearls Ocean is offering this service to you with 200% guaranteed good service assurance. We proud of our transcriptors who are experienced, hardworking and smart enough in dealing with inaudible audios and videos. They repeated listen and deep understand each and every words and convert with the exact meaning in targeted language. We never let you down with our service and you will surely come back after a good experience with us.

We delivered multiple format of transcription, listed below: DSS, MOV, MPEG4, MP3, MP4, DOCX, WM, PPT, WAV, AIFF, PDF, .html, XLS and RA etc.

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