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You will have a great experience with Pearls Ocean after getting voice over from us. We trust our 4000+ certified voice over experts who has successfully delivered voice over service in 250+ languages with guaranteed accuracy.

In simple words voice over is a background voice without accompanied by an image of the speaker. The voice over is reading a script in best suited and artistic way for a video clip, no matter video is for presentation, commercial ad, cartoon, movies etc. Voice quality matters a lot because we can’t see the narrator but yes able to listen the voice and it is a great source for keep engaging the audience.

In movies, cartoons, commercial ads, presentation, event, award functions etc voice over used in large number due to its drastically increasing in demand because background narration clear the real picture of the video as well as audio and making it meaning full.

If speaker fails to give proper voice over then it works as a spoiler and video end up with lots of confusion and keep viewer in doubt and the motive of getting good outcome turns into loss, in matter of image, money, value in the market etc.

Voice over is the very powerful and important tool in quo, so speaker must have good at speaking, correct pronunciation and most important can mold voice according to the demand of script. Audience will only attract and keep listening repeatedly if the voice has of that much of flavor.

If you ever listen the radio jockey’s we hardly seen their faces but we really love to listen their shows and we keep themselves attentive during their show timing and even we left our works and curiously listen their words. We feel so much of happiness, joy and motivated after listening to our favorite jockey, that is what, we call power and magic of the voice as well as words, which force listeners to listen the show repeated. And same magic you will experience with us after getting a service from us.

The voice over services we offer, listed below:

1. Corporate Videos

2. TV/Radio Commercial

3. Channel & Program Promos

4. Documentaries

5. Audio Visuals

6. IVRs & On-holds

7. Audio books

8. Safety Videos

9. Movie and game trailers

10. E-Learning

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