Quality Control

Pearls Ocean always keeps in mind in maintaining a trustworthy relationship with our clients by providing good quality of work no matter what and how much criticality in the work is. We always try to serve best and we always success in our motto. We have success history and still we keep going on the path. We have 4000+ certified native translators who are big makers of this success history, without a good team no company can survive, they are our strength through which we always ready to accept any challenges and always emerge as a excellent achiever of a goal. Our team always feels us proud and makes us feel surprise by their coordination in delivering quality of work in given time frame.

Any company’s success and failure depend upon their work quality and customer support. We are surely blessed in both manners. Language translation is not simple task as it looks. It has to face 10 steps for translating any document whether it related to legal, medical etc. And we always double assure that the quality of the work could not been compromised, because a single mistake can be a biggest spoiler of the entire show means a single mistake can change the entire meaning which leads to a big loss. That’s why we always double assure, that the translated language derive the same meaning as required.

The 10 steps in quality control:

1. Content analysis- File or Document received for translation with the word count.

2. Translation- Native language expert starts translation work. And do preliminary check.

3. Translation Review- First Check: Second language expert recheck content for correction.

4. Editing- Make sure, that the formatting of the replica should match the original document.

5. Proofreading- Second Check: Proofreader make sure that content, translation and editing done 100% accurate.

6. Validation- Suggested corrections are acceptable or not

7. Quality check- Third check: Translation head check for quality and give feedback.

8. Draft Delivery- File delivered to the client

9. Review by client- Required valid correction made

10. Final Delivery

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