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If we talk about translation, the first thought come in your mind is, what is translation? And why we need it? And also why we need a translation service provider company who has expertise in doing so. Here is a company called Pearls Ocean who is always ready to give an answer of your question. According to the first question what is translation?, In simple words converting one language to other is called translation. And another question Why we need it?, It is a very important question it is related to your goal, and the answer is, in today’s scenario companies are dealing globally in the market, may be in any terms legal, medical, product and education etc. For doing so, they need a proper communication through which they can reach people globally. Because all over the world people have different – different customs, culture and language, for making them understand clearly we need to do translation. And the last question is why we need a translation service provider company? As we stated above, for dealing globally we need a proper communication system because all over the world people have their own custom, culture and languages. People love to use their own mother tongue rather than using adapting other’s language. This problem we call communication gap or barrier. For removing this communication gap we need a bridge that can intelligently fill this gap. So, here we need a translation service provider company yes of-course Pearls Ocean, who plays a big role of a bridge for fill this gap. Because here we can get professional and smart translator of a native places who are capable enough to translate language into the required mother tongue. So that, people can understands easily and also can able to respond in the same way due to a proper communication system. It eradicates your tension and make to able to get the hold in the market in any terms. The set and choice of words are very important because a single wrong choice make you to pay hard in terms of repo and money.

But need not to worry Pearls Ocean have all the solution; we have a large cluster of a professional, smart and hardworking translators who are always ready to support you in any circumstances. And capable to delivery your project on given time frame with 100% accuracy and quality control.

A part from this, we can do manual translation in which proof reading is included. And the other one is tools, find the list of tools below:

1. SDL

2. Trados

3. Memo-Q

4. Memo-Source

5. Smartlink

6. XLZ

7. Crowdin

8. Microsoft Leaf etc.

But still we believe in manual translation and improving ourselves day by day. Because tools are cluster of algorithms they don’t have emotions or a feeling and they can’t read human tendency and their nature. So, some time it can fail but manual translation can’t be fail because they are filled with emotions and can understand the human tendency and nature very well.

Details of Supported File

.doc, .docx, xliff, tif, .htm or .html, .gif and .jpg, .ps, .pdf, .exe, .xls, .rtf, .txt, .mp3 and others

Translation Services we

1. Content Translation

2. Newspaper Translation

3. Legal Documents Translation

4. Brochures Translation

5. HR Policies Translation

6. Website Translation

7. Technical Translation

8. All types of Books Translation

9. Catalogue Translation

10. Certificate Translation

11. Urgent Translation

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